Baby Car Seats How to Choose One

Baby Car Seats — How to Choose One

Every baby will need to use baby car seats. Your baby will need one for leaving the hospital in. The reason a baby car seat must be used is to keep your little one safe and comfortable whilst travelling in your car.

The first step for finding the perfect baby car seat is to know your baby’s weight. Most car seats for young babies start at 0kg weight anyway, but you are still best to know exactly what your baby weighs before choosing their first car seat. Car seats are chosen by the child’s weight and most baby car seats here in the UK can hold up to 13kg in weight, which is approximately 12 months of age. Weight is more important than age when it comes to car seats, so if you are wondering when your baby will need to move up to a bigger seat, just remember that it is when your baby’s weight exceeds the weight limit of the car seat.

The second step is to ask friends and family if there are any baby car seats that they recommend, and if there are any they wouldn’t recommend. Also, you could get a friend who is a mum to do the car seat shopping with you to help you choose a good quality one. They already have experience with this so they should be able to point out which ones they feel look of good quality.

When it comes to shopping for the baby car seat remember that safety is the most important thing you are looking for. Once you have found a selection of car seats with excellent safety features, you can then choose which of these is the most comfortable, as we know comfort is also a high factor in a good car seat. Many new parents think all car seats are the same and just choose the one that looks prettiest. Car seats all have different safety and comfort features, and of course all come in different colours. Just remember that safety comes first, followed by comfort. Always buy one made by a popular manufacturer you feel you can trust. Check the product guarantees before buying the chos

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